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Put your passion to work

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We support your goals

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We help you find opportunities

We offer training and resources

We offer salary coaching

Why Spirit Employment & Training Edmonton Inc.?

We care about you and our goal is assist you in your career path.

We are here for you and to help you find opportunities in your job search. We may not be able to help everyone; however, we will try.


We offer support, training, testing, mentoring and resources to help you with your jobs search, access to tools that may be of help.


We will share as much information to you as possible regarding the position you are interested in.


We are confidential & discreet; we will not present your resume without your permission.


We can coach and help to negotiate your salary expectation.


We work with top Employers throughout Canada.


We offer automatic Direct Deposit.


We welcome contract Workers

Want to work with the best?
Search jobs and find great employment.
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